Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation organization update

Toulouse August 29, 2018 Photo(s): By Liebherr-Aerospace

Following changes in the organization, effective September 1st, 2018:

1/ New Composition of the Board of Management

The composition of the Board of Management of Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS has been reviewed and is made up of

Nicolas Bonleux, Chief Commercial Officer


Francis Carla, Chief Technical Officer


Josef Gropper, Chief Operations Officer


François Lehmann, Chief Financial Officer


Alex Vlielander, Chief Services Officer


2/ Changes in Customer Service Organization

  1. All customer service teams worldwide, including those that are based in the Production sites inLindenberg (Germany) and Toulouse (France), now report to A. Vlielander, Chief Services Officer.
  2. C. Thoyer-Rozat is named AER Vice-President Customer Service. He will report directly to A.Vlielander, Chief Services Officer.

3/ Changes in Procurement Organization

The Strategic Procurement Departments at our production sites in Lindenberg, Germany and Toulouse, France now report to the Managing Director Finance of each site (A. Schoenemann in Lindenberg, and F. Lehmann in Toulouse). The overall responsibility for the Aerospace & Transportation Procurement lies with F. Lehmann, Chief Financial Officer.

4/ Changes in Serial Program Management Organization

N. Bonleux, Chief Commercial Officer, will assume the overall responsibility for Serial Program Management for the sites of Lindenberg and Toulouse.