HAL seeks air ambulance modification for Dhruv

By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit : Sukhoi

Air Ambulance DhruvAugust 19, 2013: In a strong indication that HAL has fresh orders for the Dhruv in hand, it has called for a speedy outsources project to modify the civilian variant of the advanced light helicopter (ALH) for air ambulance operations. The helicopter is to be transformed for the transportation of two patients on stretchers along with two medical personnel, including a doctor and allied life-saving equipment.

The Dhruv was recently involved greatly in humanitarian operations in Uttarakhand, and has been considered by at least two foreign nations (Peru and Turkey) for the air ambulance role. The HAL RFI is a confirmation that (a) the Peru and Turkey deals may have either fallen through or have been rekindled in some form, or (b) that there is a firm expression of interest from within the country from a civil operator for air ambulances, the requirement for which has gone up steeply in the country.