Two new Russian helicopters to be unveiled at MAKS 2013

By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit : RusHeliCo

August 21, 2013: The MAKS 2013 show will be an exciting time in the rotorcraft space. Russian Helicopters is all set to showcase prototypes of its latest models including the Mi-171A2, the Mi-28UB and Ka-62. The new combat training helicopter Mi-28UB, based on the Mi-28NE Night Hunter combat helicopter (which recently lost out in the Indian attack helicopter competition) is a special helicopter with a dual control system that can be used in Mi-28NE pilot training, while at the same time retaining all the functionality of an attack helicopter.

On August 9, the Mi-28UB performed its maiden demonstration flight at the flight test centre of Rostvertol. Visitors to MAKS 2013 will also see the Mi-171A2, an upgraded multi-role medium helicopter based on the proven Mi-8/17 series (and in active consideration by the IAF), combining the latest technologies and the newest materials; and the Ka-62, a medium multi-role helicopter, also the first Russian helicopter to be produced in cooperation with international companies, including Turbomeca.