Army For New Low Level Radars

By SP's Special Correspondent April 17, 2015

The Army is scouting an unspecified number of new Low Level Light Weight Radars Mark-ll for deployment in non-mountainous sectors like desert and plains. The radar needs to be easily transportable and capable of detecting even small, low-RCS entities like UAVs. The Army would prefer sensors with a integrated target designation system capability, with means to supply targeting data to a weapon. The Army requires the new radars principally to build a sensory barrier against low-level air intrusions across the border from China and Pakistan, especially by helicopters, low-flying tactical aircraft and surveillance drones. It requires radars that are easily transportable and ready for operations within minutes of assembly. The radars will work to track complex target manoeuvers at very low altitudes and to provide targeting solutions on them when integrated with weapon systems. Aircraft and 'spy planes' or unmanned aerial vehicles. With air intrusions continuing periodically especially in the North East, the Army is looking to ramp up the capability. The DRDO is also building low level radars, which the Army is now looking to augment with more numbers. Companies like Thales have supplied low-level surveillance radars to the Indian Air Force in the past.