SP's Aviation - ISSUE No 4-2015

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Issue Features

  • Indo-French Cooperation

    The nation is optimistic that the diplomatic initiatives by Prime Minister Modi will open new vistas of opportunity for international cooperation not only with France but with other nations of the developed world

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    Oxygen for the Indian Air Force

    The statement by the Minister of Defence that the deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets will bring some ‘oxygen’ to the Indian Air Force accurately reflects the predicament the IAF is currently in

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    Mother of All Deals Recedes into History

    The Indian Air Force should have good reason to believe that it will, in due course, get the number of Rafale combat jets it requires

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    Moving at a Tardy Pace

    Given the track record of the company, one would have serious reservations about the capability of HAL to adhere to stipulated time lines

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    CIVIL | 5/20 Rule
    A Crucial Debate

    The ‘5/20 Rule’ has been responsible for the Indian airline industry’s inability to compete with foreign airlines...

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    CIVIL | 5/20 Rule
    Time is Up

    In place of the ‘5/20 Rule,’ the government has proposed a Domestic Flying Credits (DFC) system to enable airlines to fly overseas

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    CIVIL | Business Aviation
    Beyond the Subcontinent

    The international travel route for business jets out of India is not that significant but the popular routes are in the neighbouring region

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    FACT FILE | Solar Impulse
    Changing the World of Flights

    Whilst Solar Impulse is not the first solar aircraft project, it’s certainly the most ambitious one

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    MILITARY | Operation Raahat
    Kudos to Humane IAF

    The IAF has always had a major role in disaster relief and rescue operations irrespective of whether it is natural or man-made and has always acquitted itself exceptionally well

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    MILITARY | Maritime Patrol
    Patrolling the Seas

    Maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft makes significant difference in reaction time and countries are now realising the importance of such aircraft

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    Boosting Air Defence Capability

    The tripartite effort involving Russia, Israel and India finally produced a platform designated as the A-50EI that now serves as a force multiplier for the IAF

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    GENERAL AVIATION | Air Ambulance

    Victims of serious injuries have the strongest chance of survival if they are transported to a designated trauma centre within the first ‘Golden Hour’ following their injury

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    REGIONAL AVIATION | Capacity Sharing
    Getting to the Point, via Regional

    Presently, the regionals in India are operating from point-to-point and there is hardly any cooperation between mainline airlines and regionals on maximising air transport

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    Hall of Fame
    Roland Garros (1888-1918)

    Roland Garros never became a flying ace – that required at least five victories. Yet he was undoubtedly the world’s first true fighter pilot.

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    A Word from Editor-in-Chief

    The display of concern for national security interests by the Indian political leadership has indeed been unprecedented

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    NO Substitute to Privatisation

    To what extent the stated objectives of HAL have been achieved over the last five decades since its creation is a matter for scrutiny