GE9X Engine Stand, exclusively designed and developed by Rhinestahl CTS

New engine tooling capability added to the GE9X tooling line

Cincinnati, OH February 25, 2020

Rhinestahl CTS, the global leader in aircraft engine tooling, ground support equipment and aftermarket services announced the launch of its exclusively designed and developed GE9X engine shipping stand. Rhinestahl CTS' support to over 320 customers worldwide led to applying earned IP to create a new standard for designing engine stands.

With an industry leading design, it is the only stand of its kind that requires minimal equipment to load a full engine through the aft cargo door of an Antonov AN-124. The lift arm concept allows the operator to load and unload the engine using the AN-124 lift system.

This stand provides complete flexibility for full engine or propulsor shipping, engine change, fan stator module removal/installation and long-term storage. It is the ideal solution to move Ready for Installation (RFI) engines to and from the engine shop or perform engine removals and installations efficiently.

In 2018, Rhinestahl CTS was selected as a GE Aviation authorized engine tooling licensee for GE9X engines.