GE Aviation delivers 20,000th Flight Management Computer for Military and Commercial Aircraft

Connected Flight Management System debuts with GE's Open Systems Demonstrator

Le Bourget, France June 17, 2019

GE Aviation has delivered the 20,000 th flight management computer for military and commercial aircraft marking 35 years of continuously advancing the technology for flight crews. At the Paris Air Show, the company's new connected flight management system (FMS) is incorporated into their open systems demonstrator in the GE Aviation pavilion showing the potential of how additional efficiency gains can be provided to the airlines.

"We continue to make advancement in our flight management technology to help customers and operators stay ahead of the technology and below the cost curve," said Alan Caslavka, president of Avionics Systems for GE Aviation. "With our new connected FMS, we anticipate operators being able to achieve even greater gains for their fleet through applications that take advantage of on-board high bandwidth connectivity and electronic data exchange."

GE's flight management system (FMS) assists military and airline flight crew in managing and optimizing a flight from takeoff to landing. Included in GE's FMS advancements are the TrueCourse™ FMS and Connected FMS providing connectivity and new software architecture allowing FMS functions to be developed as modular components for ease of update.

GE Aviation's flight management system provides increased situational awareness and operation efficiencies on more than 12,000 aircraft including the Boeing 737-300 through 900ER models and BBJs and the 737 MAX, the U.S. Navy P-8A, E-6B, USAF E-4, C-130J, LM-100J, U.S. Navy E-2D, and KC-46, international variants including UK MOD, RCAF, RAAF and IAF C-130J, Airbus A320/330/340, EADS A330 MRTT, Indian Navy P-8I, Japanese Navy P-1 and Air Force C-2. GE certified their first flight management computer in November 1984 when deliveries began.