New Leonardo-Finmeccanica and BAE Systems 10 year arrangement to support the avionics of Royal Air Force Typhoon fleet

July 13, 2016 Photo(s): By Leonardo-Finmeccanica
  • An upcoming Joint Avionic Solution (JAS) arrangement, expected to be worth over €600M, will see Leonardo-Finmeccanica and BAE Systems support the UK MoD with Typhoon avionics for at least 10 years
  • Leonardo provides more than 60 percent of the avionics for the Typhoon
  • The company is already in charge of maintaining the Italian Air Force’s Typhoon fleet under a support model (CMA) which has proven extremely effective

Following BAE Systems welcoming a 10 year partnership arrangement, expected to be worth €2.5Bn, with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to support the UK Typhoon fleet (an initiative known as the Typhoon Total Availability Enterprise or TyTAN), Leonardo and BAE Systems are working together to include comprehensive avionics support as part of the service. Known as Joint Avionics Solution (JAS) and expected to be worth over €600M, the support arrangement will see Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems, working alongside BAE Systems to support the Typhoon’s avionics equipment for at least the next ten years.

TyTAN will see the established European support model for the Typhoon reviewed, delivering improved support and cost savings for at least the next ten years. A significant part of these savings will be reinvested in programmes aimed at further developing the capabilities of the Typhoon. Work at Leonardo will be carried out in both the UK and Italy.

Leonardo’s total industrial participation in the Typhoon aircraft is about 36% of the programme value, which includes a share of the aircraft’s structure, avionics and on-board electronics. The company contributes more than 60 percent of the avionics for the Typhoon including leading the consortia responsible for providing the aircraft’s radar and infrared search and track sensors and its electronic warfare defensive aid suite.

The company has a track record in delivering cost-saving support packages for Typhoon. Notably, Leonardo provides the maintenance service for Italian Air Force Typhoons, based on aircraft availability, which has proven to be a great success. Here, support is provided directly at the Air Force’s Typhoon base of operations through the Avionic Maintenance Center (CMA). The CMA model’s guaranteed turnaround time has ensured a high level of service readiness for the Typhoon since 2009, as well as reduced costs. The company is preparing to roll out this successful model more widely to other platforms with which it is involved.