ClearView invoicing app simplifies TrueChoice Flight Hour customer experience

July 12, 2016

A new software application available for TrueChoiceTM Flight Hour customers shows how GE's digital capability extends to simplifying and improving some of the most basic business functions. The ClearView Invoicing application gives customers a host of new functionality and visibility into invoicing details, increasing ease of business.

"The ClearView Invoicing app reflects our commitment to developing digital tools that improve customer experience," said GE Aviation, Services President and CEO Kevin McAllister. "We're empowering customers by creating tools and applications that improve customer experience and help ensure our customer interaction is focused on strategic consultation rather than administrative tasks."

The ClearView Invoicing app was developed in collaboration with a number of TrueChoice Flight Hour customers. Features include more visibility to basic data, underlying calculations, greater access to tracking features, historical data and a simplified user interface.

The ClearView Invoicing app is available to TrueChoice Flight Hour customers via the customer portal and is powered by GE's Predix software platform, which provides data integration and management, as well as the analytics, cloud and mobile capability to accelerate product development and deployment.

GE Aviation launched its TrueChoice product suite in early 2016. Each of the TrueChoice offerings includes a growing number of digital tools that harness GE's unique ability to use data and analytics to offer new insights that reduce maintenance burden, decrease service disruptions, lower operating cost and enhance ease and speed of doing business.