Su-57 Stealth Fighter

Issue: 2 / 2020

The Su-57 (Su-57E - export version) is a multifunctional fifth-generation fighter designed to destroy all types of aerial targets both at long-range and close-in battles. Apart from destroying enemy air defence systems and surface targets, it can monitor airspace at significant range from its base and enter enemy airspace without being detected.

The first flight of the Su-57 took place on January 29, 2010 at Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In 2017 production of the Su-57 prototype was completed as a part of the development phase of the fifth-generation aircraft and its systems. The first prototype commenced the type’s flight test programme which currently has a fleet of ten prototypes assigned. All of the Su-57’s systems have now been tested such that the first stage of state testing has been successfully completed.

To date, the aircraft’s performance characteristics have been evaluated including stability and controllability through the entire altitude and airspeed envelope including flights at supercritical angles of attack.

All systems, sensors and armaments have been tested for combat employment including testing undertaken during combat operations in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Successful in-flight refuelling tests have also been conducted.

Experimental work carried out has given Sukhoi the confidence to conclude that the aircraft’s characteristics are amongst the best in its class. The Su-57-2 test-bed has begun flight testing of the new generation Product 30 engine, which provides reduced fuel consumption and increased thrust, and is subsequently planned to be installed on production aircraft.

The Su-57 has a number of unique features, combining the roles of a strike aircraft and a fighter. The fifth-generation aircraft is equipped with a new suite of fully integrated avionics to provide a high level of control automation and information for the pilot greatly reducing pilot workload and enabling greater concentration on the tactical mission.

Data links enable information to be exchanged in real time with land-based control systems and other aircraft.

The Su-57 employs a range of air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface weapons, to effectively perform its fighter and strike missions.

The aircraft has the ability to operate covertly due to its low radar cross section, infrared and electro-optical emission signatures.

An auxiliary power unit provides a high level of autonomy, a reduction in fuel consumption during ground handling, and save engine service life. Autonomous operation is further enhanced by an on board oxygen generating unit.

The Su-57 has the potential for an unprecedented level of combat survivability thanks to its explosion-proof fuel system and an inert gas fire suppression system.

Technical innovations incorporated in the Su-57 give the strike fighter a new level of combat capability that is superior to all modern aircraft in its class.

In 2018, the first contract was signed for the delivery of an initial production lot of Su-57 fighters to the Russian Ministry of Defence. A second order, for a large batch of Su-57s, was placed by the Ministry of Defence in June 2019.