Embraer launches Software Specialization Program in partnership with UFPE

Sao Jose dos Campos - SP December 22, 2021 Photo(s): By Embraer

Embraer today announced a partnership with the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) to create a Software Specialization Program, a rapidly expanding professional area in Brazil and worldwide. The initiative aims to accelerate the training of specialists to work in the aerospace sector.

The program will be for professionals in computing, engineering, and related areas from all over the country. It will include recent graduates or those with some experience who are interested in the university's graduate degree and the opportunity to work at Embraer on the development of intelligent systems.

Divided into three modules, the program will be structured into distance learning theoretical disciplines and in-person classes at Embraer units to develop the final project. The course will last for nine months, and candidates can opt to specialize in "embedded software" or "digital technologies" when they register.

"The speed of digital transformations and the global demand for technology professionals highlight the strategic need to develop agile educational programs to attract and qualify young people who want to combine personal development and career opportunity in the challenging environment Embraer offers,” says Carlos Alberto Griner, Vice President of Personnel, ESG, and Communications at Embraer. “We are very excited to have UFPE as a partner in this program that will accelerate the availability of technology specialists to the industry, contribute to the construction of Embraer's future and generate benefits for society as a whole."

In addition to the tradition and quality recognized in higher education and scientific research, UFPE's proximity to the Digital Port —a center of innovation of excellence in Recife with operations in information and communications technology, and the creative economy— contributed to the formation of the partnership that expands Embraer's performance in the ecosystem of national innovation.

“For the UFPE Informatics Center, it is strategic to be part of initiatives in digital technologies that accelerates and trains highly qualified workforce for the market, and this one by Embraer is particularly important. It will be an upside for these professionals to have face-to-face experience at Embraer units while applying knowledge in embedded software and data science acquired in classes with specialized IT professors,” says Veronica Teichrieb, Cooperation and Innovation coordinator at UFPE Informatics Center.

Embraer is a reference in investment in education and the creation of models of knowledge acceleration through teaching partnerships, mentoring, corporate university, and other ways of fostering a culture of innovation. One of its most outstanding educational projects is the master's degree in aeronautical engineering, which, in partnership with the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), has trained more than 1,600 professionals over two decades and become the main gateway for engineers wanting to work at the company.

Like Embraer's other successful recruitment and professional training programs, the vision is for the Software Specialization Program to provide the company with more highly-qualified professionals aligned with future business growth strategies.