Bamboo Airways announces new nonstop routes Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City - Dien Bien

October 14, 2021 - 17:14 Photo(s): By Bamboo Airways
First nonstop flight of Bamboo Airways connecting Hanoi and Dien Bien touched down at Dien Bien Phu Airport

On October 14, flight QH1692 connecting Hanoi and Dien Bien touched down at Dien Bien Phu Airport, marking Bamboo Airways' launch of nonstop Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City - Dien Bien routes.

The nonstop flight only took nearly 1 hour compared to 9-12 hours by road, making the journey much more convenient for passengers.

For the first time in history, Dien Bien Phu Airport welcomed a commercial flight operated by Embraer 190 jet with a large payload capacity, high approach speed, and modern flight mode.

Bamboo Airways initially plans 3 round trips per week on this new route, strictly complying with the latest regulations to ensure a hassle-free operation and control the pandemic. The frequency will be gradually ramped up based on actual demands. Along with that, the airline plans to conduct nonstop flights Ho Chi Minh – Dien Bien in this December to fulfill the rising travel demands during Tet holiday season. This will be the first nonstop flight connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Dien Bien, writing a new history for Dien Bien in particular and the Vietnamese aviation industry in general.

Ensure pandemic control and prevention

Bamboo Airways strictly adheres to Covid-19 prevention measures and procedures before, during, and after the flight. Passengers must present the negative test result within 72 hours issued by the licensed health unit before departure and fully complied with the 5K rules during the flight.

Passengers on the Dien Bien – Hanoi route who meet all criteria by the ministries of transport and health will monitor health at home or place of residence and follow COVID-19 prevention and control measures in line with the State and city’s regulations.

Business Class Flight Experience

QH1692 is the first flight that offers Business Class service for passengers to Dien Bien, including many attractive privileges such as Business Lounge access, spacious private cabin, diverse cuisine, specialized attendant services, priority for check-in, boarding, etc.

Embraer 190 jet operated by Bamboo Airways

The Embraer 190 sets the standard in its category with its advanced engineering, high degree of efficiency, spacious, ergonomic cabins that seat up to 100 passengers, and attractive operating economics. This aircraft operation to Dien Bien shows Bamboo Airways’ relentless efforts in providing diverse and superb services on both major and niche routes.

Bamboo Airways also pioneers Embraer 190 on many niche routes, such as Con Dao, Rach Gia…, to optimize the capacity of small and medium airports, expand niche flight networks, and contribute to load reduction for major airports.

“We congratulate Bamboo Airways as they continue to launch domestic routes with the added comfort of a jet. Bamboo Airways is utilizing the best of the E190’s short-field performance, economics, and fuel efficiency to their advantage and we are with them on this journey,” said Raul Villaron, Vice President of Embraer Commercial Aviation in Asia Pacific.