MTCR Relaxations: Range of BrahMos Increased to 450 km

Issue: 07-2019By Vishal ThaparPhoto(s): By BrahMos Aerospace
The test-firing of the air-launched BrahMos on May 22 was the first against a land target, validating land-attack capability

The range of Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles has been increased to 450 km after the lifting of restrictions on India under the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), SP’s has learnt from highly-placed military sources. The earlier range was 290 km.

This increases India military options for launching surprise precision cross-border attacks, and beefs up the stand-off buffer for the BrahMos, which is very difficult to detect and intercept in terrain-hugging flight mode at speeds up to 2.8 Mach.

BrahMos is an Indo-Russian joint venture, with Russia providing critical parts and technologies. The MTCR placed an embargo on supply of missiles and missile technology to nonmembers of this export-control regime in cases when the range exceeded 300 km. This restriction was lifted after India became a full member of the MTCR in 2016.