Agni missile family's month out

By SP's Special Correspondent November 7, 2013 Photo(s): By DRDO

The Agni family of strategic ballistic missiles, barring the under trial Agni-V, will be tested in a rapid series of launches starting this month. The in-service Agni-I, Agni-II and Agni-III will be tested as part of an exercise by the Strategic Forces Command, while the Agni-IV, yet to join service, will undergo a development test by the Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) at the Integrated Test Range off Odisha's coast.

The next test of the Agni-V is likely next year, following its second successful test in September this year. With ranges of between 700-6,000 km, the Agni series missiles constitute the bedrock of India's land-based strategic deterrent. The DRDO is also lining up a series of other missile tests, including the Prahar and K-15, both successfully demonstrated in the last three years. Early next year, the DRDO will also be looking to re-test the Nirbhay cruise missile that failed its debut launch in March this year.