HAL Scouts Radar Partner For IAF Requirement

Issue: 5 / 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent April 18, 2015

HAL is looking for a technology partner for a tie-up to supply high-power radars (HPRs) to the Indian Air Force to meet a long-standing requirement. The HAL Avionics Division in Hyderabad has announced that it is looking to jointly bid a winning radar product to the IAF. Vendors will need to respond to HAL by April 27, though it is likely that HAL will extend the window. The IAF is looking for Active Aperture Phased Array Radars based on Solid State Trans/Receive Modules with the ability to detect targets at long ranges upto 30km high with a radar cross-section of 2 metres, with the ability to classify targets as large, medium and small for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and UAV automatically. The radars are required to plug air defence gaps in border areas. HAL, reflecting the IAF qualitative requirements, has stipulated that the HPR will need have the capability to cue search and track in specific directions based on command from command and control centre, classify standoff weapons (e.g. air launched missiles or other weapons), track & manually designate manoeuvering targets for higher track update rates and higher azimuth, range and elevation accuracies. Several Indian and foreign firms stand eligible to bid for the HAL partnership. A final order could be in the range of 30-40 HPRs at the very least, with more to follow.