SP's Aviation - ISSUE No 1-2015

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Issue Features

  • Year of Turbulence

    While the existing airlines struggled, two new ventures have hit the Indian skies reviving hope that the airline industry still has prospects

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    Obama visit - what lies ahead!

    After the successful high-profile visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States in September last year, acceptance of his invitation by the US President to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on January 26, 2015...

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    Top 20 Reforms

    After having been engaged in a perpetual struggle for survival in the last 25 years, the Indian civil aviation industry is in dire need for wide-ranging reforms

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    Robust Outlook

    The low-cost carrier model in Asia-Pacific is showing some signs of saturation, opening up opportunities for regional airlines to serve under-served and virgin markets

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    Excellence to the power of 2

    Embraer E-Jets E2 is setting benchmarks in regional aviation, offering operators/passengers an enriching flying experience

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    Empowered Passenger

    Embraer has unveiled a communication strategy which aims to meet the aspirations of the business, leisure and budget traveller, the fast-growing segments in Asia-Pacific

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    Low-Hanging Fruit, Ready to be Picked

    The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 40 per cent of commercial aviation and Embraer sees a lot of opportunity in this, already having garnered substantial business

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    Dependable Engines

    The PW1000G engine family addresses the whole picture – fuel, emissions, noise and maintenance, to give the operator the lowest possible cash operating cost

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    Up in the Skies Apps & More

    A majority of passengers carry smart phones, tablets or laptops when they fly and one in five travels with all three

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    Value Enablers

    If your legitimate corporate requirements cause you to waste more than 20 per cent of your time travelling, a corporate jet makes sense

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    Guy Gibson (1918-44)

    Throughout his operational career prolonged exceptionally at his own request, he has shown leadership, determination and valour of the highest order.

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    A Word from Editor-in-Chief

    New technologies, new aircraft, new approaches are going to mark the sector to make air travel lot more convenient and safer, besides, of course, keeping up with the times.

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    Re-Structure DPP, Now

    Procurement of military hardware through the DPP has indeed been a frustrating experience for the armed forces