SP's Aviation - ISSUE No 6-2015

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Issue Features

    Drone Syndrome

    The concern is not so much about UAV technologies but the proliferation of UAVs in the near future as they become cheaper and lot more accessible

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    MILITARY | Procurement
    The End of a Dilemma

    The DPP needs to be restructured to make it resilient enough to meet with the demands of national security and not have defence procurement deals mired in procedural complexities

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    MILITARY | Viewpoint
    Highways – A Force Multiplier

    During war, airbases would have to be specifically tasked to be prepared to activate the landing strip on the highway at practically a moment’s notice

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    MILITARY | Viewpoint
    1 Year Gone By – Not in Vain!

    The Modi government has the capability to deliver; but will need time

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    CIVIL | Viewpoint
    1 Year of Modi Government

    The Indian civil aviation industry needs decisive and concerted action by the government if it has to be extricated from the morass that it has descended into

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    CIVIL | Regional Aviation
    Rise of The Middle Class

    Increasing trade and the emergence of middle classes in Asia, Latin America and Africa are driving the need for greater connectivity within these regions...

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    CIVIL | Regional Aviation
    Tailwinds for Chinese Carriers

    Embraer has forecast that China’s domestic carriers would need 950 regional jets with 30 to 120 seats in the next 20 years, accounting for 14 per cent of the global demand

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    1 Year of Modi & General Aviation

    It would be prudent to assume that Prime Minister, having flown to all the nook and corner of India during a very hectic election campaign in March-April 2014 using small GA/BA aircraft, realised the vital importance of pan India air connectivity

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    Falcon 5X Rolls Out

    The 5,200-nm-range Falcon 5X will offer the largest and tallest cabin cross-section of any business jet and is expected to make its first flight later this summer

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    SHOW PREVIEW | Paris Air Show 2015
    The French Connection

    From an Indian perspective, the iconic Paris International Air Show is significant as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ mantra is going to resonate at Le Bourget

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    Signs of Recovery

    At EBACE, Bombardier released a market report which pegs the next decade deliveries at 9,000, indicating that the business jet segment is on its recovery path

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    Hall of Fame
    Geraldine Mock (1925-2014)

    The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale recognised her as the first woman to fly solo around the world, certified her record for speed around the world and awarded her the Louis Blériot medal

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    A Word from Editor-in-Chief

    With decision making in the Ministry of Defence picking up speed, the IAF can now proceed with confidence to formulate plans to address the issues of critical shortages in aircraft

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    Last Word
    Need for Concerted Action

    The Parliamentary Committee’s observation that the IAF was suffering from critical shortages in the areas of both combat aircraft and pilots is unfortunately the grim reality today