Hiratagakuen signs contract for two H145//BK117D-2s

October 14, 2016 Photo(s): By Airbus Helicopters
  • Airbus Helicopters Japan wins first H145//BK117D-2 order from Japan
  • Builds on successful orders of 12 H135s and one H125s in Japan
Hiratagakuen Aviation Operation Division Vice President Mitsuhiro Hirata and Airbus Helicopters Japan Head of Sales & Marketing Guillaume Leprince at the signing ceremony

Airbus Helicopters Japan has signed a contract with Hiratagakuen for two H145//BK117D-2s as a sales agent in Japan for Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the helicopter.

A signing ceremony was held today at the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2016, in the presence of Mitsuhiro Hirata, Vice President, Aviation Operation Division of Hiratagakuen and Guillaume Leprince, Head of Sales & Marketing of Airbus Helicopters Japan.

This milestone contract is the first order for the H145//BK117D-2 in Japan, achieved by Airbus Helicopters Japan. Airbus Helicopters Japan has been appointed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries as a sales agent in Japan for H145//BK117D-2 and conduct sales and support activities.

The first delivery is scheduled in 2017 and the aircraft will be used for emergency medical service (EMS) operations. Hiratagakuen currently operates 12 H135s and one H125.

“We have been operating H125 and H135 for a long time. Airbus Helicopters is well regarded for its quality products, excellent performance, operational reliability, and dependable after-sale service,” said Mitsuhiro Hirata, Vice President, Aviation Operation Division of Hiratagauen. “We are confident that the H145//BK117D-2 will offer us enhanced EMS performance to our fleet.”

“We are honoured to welcome Hiratagakuen as our first customer of the H145//BK117D-2 in Japan. We have established a long-standing and fruitful relationship between Hiratagakuen and Airbus Helicopters Japan since we delivered the first helicopter in 2003,” said Guillaume Leprince, Head of Sales & Marketing of Airbus Helicopters Japan. “This H145//BK117D-2 order is definitely an endorsement of our cutting-edge technologies in rotary-wing aircraft, which boast enhanced mission capability and flexibility.”

The H145//BK117D-2 is developed in co-operation with the KHI to deliver excellent performance throughout the flight envelope. It comes with the state-of-the-art Helionix avionics suite and designed-in mission capability and flexibility, especially in high and hot operating conditions. With a large cabin, a compact airframe and powerful engines, the H145//BK117D-2 is the aircraft of choice for a variety of missions including EMS, firefighting, offshore and police missions. To date 1,200 have been sold worldwide.