Missile Warning and 3D-Audio deliveries for RNLAF and Belgian defence completed

Le Bourget, France June 19, 2019

Terma has completed deliveries of Missile Warning System (MWS) and 3D-Audio upgrades for Belgian and Dutch F-16s, and the systems are now operational in both countries.

With Denmark as launch customer for the pylon-based installation of the Missile Warning System, Norway soon followed, and now BD and RNLAF F-16s are also equipped with the Hensoldt AAR-60(V)2 MWS.

The concept has performed very well in several deployments, and it certainly improves the self-protection of the fighter jets. Without MWS, the pilot will not get any warning unless he physically sees the missile coming towards him. Thus, the MWS is a great improvement of the situational awareness, and it reduces workload as the MWS is always looking for missiles.

The pylon installation is a very cost-effective solution as the MWS assets can be rotated between the jets while not losing any weapon stations.

To further improve the pilot's situational awareness and reduce workload, the Danish, Belgian, and Dutch jets are also equipped with the Terma 3D-Audio system. The system warns the pilot with a tone in the true direction of the missile. On top of that, the system also provides radio channel separation and noise reduction.

Other F-16 customers are expected to contract for the pylon-based MWS solution as well as 3D-Audio in near future.