Lockheed Martin introduces Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions™

October 25, 2017

Lockheed Martin is introducing a series of post-production enhancements for the C-130 Hercules known as Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions™.

Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions™ improve the C-130's existing operational capabilities, reduce operating costs, improve availability and can be installed by C-130 operators, Lockheed Martin teams, or at one of 17 global Lockheed Martin-certified Hercules Service Centers. Lockheed Martin has joined with industry partners to develop products and services for legacy C-130 or C-130J Super Hercules models.

"As the C-130's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Lockheed Martin has a commitment to support the worldwide C-130 fleet at all phases of its operation," said George Shultz, vice president and general manager, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions, Lockheed Martin. "With our OEM knowledge and strong industry partnerships, we know these Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions™ offer C-130 operators relevant solutions that both enhance and expand the capability of their Hercules fleets."

Lockheed Martin's C-130 Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions™ offerings include:

  • Ice Shield Kit
  • APU Exhaust Duct Kit
  • ECHS Lock Tester
  • ECHS Lock Tester Calibration Kit
  • Flight Control Booster Actuator Upgrade
  • APU Electrical Connector/Harness
  • Lower Fuselage Protection System
  • Microvanes™
  • Paratroop Door – Square Window Kit
  • Flush Toilet Modification Kit
  • Wing Fillet Panel Replacement Kit
  • Engine Water Wash Hose Upgrade
  • Smoke Detector
  • Support Services including:
    * Support Equipment Validation
    * Diagnostic Site Visit
    * R&M Analytics