Indian Institute of Drones becomes the first drone training institute in India to train DGCA officials

Noida, India July 31, 2018 Photo(s): By IID

Indian Institute of Drones (IID) has conducted compact crash course workshop to DGCA officials and other government agencies involved in the regulatory frame work for drones in India at DGCA conference hall on 01 Jun 2018.


IID has also organized a seminar on Drone Regulations, Military drones in other countries, Do's & Don'ts preferable, Types of drones, Multirotor drones, Fixed wing UAVs, Commercial drones, Industrial drones, Hobby drones, Variants, sizes, Racing drones, Delivery using drones, Endurance drones, HALE UAVs, MALE UAVs, Small UAVs, Mini UAVs, Micro UAVs, Nano UAVs, Drone Survey, Manual Drone flying, Autonomous drone flying, Basic knowledge on flying drones, Indoor drones, Drone insurance, Medical requirements of drone pilots and much more has been presented to DGCA 01 Jun 2018.