AMAC Aerospace entrusted with two major overhauls of Gulfstream aircrafts and three CAMO contracts

October 13, 2016

Two Gulfstream aircrafts will undergo major overhauls at AMAC Aerospace headquarters in Basel. Furthermore three CAMO contracts were awarded to the company, consisting of an Airbus A330 and two PC-12 aircrafts.

A Gulfstream G300 aircraft is currently at the facility for a 144 month inspection which will be done by AMAC Aerospace’s highly experienced Gulfstream team. AMAC Aerospace will also perform a 72 month inspection in conjunction with a registration change on a Gulfstream GV aircraft which will then be sent to AMAC Aerospace’s paint facility partner for the exterior paint.

Three new CAMO contracts

Three new CAMO contracts have been successfully awarded to AMAC Aerospace in Basel. The first contract is for a privately owned Airbus A330 aircraft from the Middle East while the remaining two contracts are for privately owned Pilatus PC-12 aircrafts.

“These new contracts will strengthen our excellent position even further in terms of CAMO activities on the VVIP wide body and on the small-sized aircraft market and we are pleased to deliver high quality CAMO services to our customers” stated Mr. Reto Sgier, CAMO Manager of AMAC Aerospace.