Aerion CEO reveals technology roadmap for revolution in global mobility

Notes Aerion on Track for First Flight and Supersonic Trans-Atlantic Crossing in 2023

Orlando, FL October 15, 2018

In press conference remarks today, Aerion CEO Tom Vice said that the company, working in close collaboration with Lockheed Martin and GE Aviation, had concluded the conceptual design phase for the AS2 supersonic business jet and had embarked on preliminary design–a phase that will conclude in June 2020.

"We're on track to fly in 2023, and before that year is out cross the Atlantic at supersonic speed, which will be the first supersonic crossing since the Concorde's retirement 20 years earlier.

"Aerion and our AS2 industry team, comprised of Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, and Honeywell, have solved many of the tremendous challenges in creating a supersonic renaissance," he said.

"We've overcome some huge technical hurdles and we're confident we'll meet Stage 5 takeoff and landing noise requirements. We've made strides in structures and systems. We're recruiting top tier suppliers. And we're attracting the best and brightest engineering talent to the program as we grow our organization."