Boeing awarded GE Aviation a contract for AH-64 Avionics Systems

Brings total direct-buy LEAP-1B-powered portfolio to 100 aircraft

July 17, 2018

Boeing awarded GE Aviation a contract for avionics systems on the AH-64 Apache. The contract includes hardware delivery of the pylon interface unit, load maintenance panel and maintenance data recorders for the AH-64. Deliveries take place May 2018 through December 2022.

"Advanced avionics systems on the AH-64 better equip the warfighter to perform their mission," said Alan Caslavka, president of Avionics for GE Aviation. " Over the years, the Apache has been enhanced with advanced technology to make the helicopter more survivable, deployable and easier to maintain. We look forward to continuing to support the AH-64 and our troops for many years."

GE Aviation's advanced avionics systems provides a high performance, networked, data acquisition system to support the download, monitoring and analysis of data and will be the primary interface between the aircraft and the electronics for the AH-64 groundcrew.