Upgraded B-52 May Cross Its 100th Birthday

Issue: 10 / 2018

The B-52 strategic bomber is being upgraded to make it more capable with new engines, communications equipment, weapons racks, sensors and new weapons. The lethal arsenal includes hypersonic weapons, air-launched decoy jammers, Quickstrike family of naval mines equipped with JDAM-ER guided wing kits. This weapon gives the bomber unprecedented capability to lay minefields over wide areas in a single pass, with pinpoint accuracy while standing-off at over 64km. A Quickstrike mine is used in relatively shallow waters of about 300 feet or less. It is delivered by aircraft and sits on the seafloor awaiting targets of opportunity. The weapon itself is a Mark 80 series general purpose bomb that has been adapted into a mine by fitting of an arming device in its nose and a target detection device in its tail. The target detection device will detonate when a vessel passes within lethal range of its position on the seafloor.