IAF Scouts 8 More Medium Altitude Aerostats

Issue: 1 / 2016 By SP's Special Correspondent January 11, 2016 Photo(s): By DRDO

The IAF has expressed interest in 4-8 new medium altitude surveillance/early warning aerostats on a fast track basis. The IAF wants static, mobile or portable systems deployable at altitudes of about 15,000 feet, stipulating that the mooring system should be fabricated out of marine grade anti-corrosive steel, which should be able to withstand Indian Standard Atmospheric conditions. Parameters required to monitor the health and status of balloon should be displayed for monitoring by the ground crew. Numerical data for winds should be displayed. It should be possible to launch and recover the balloon by a crew of less than or equal to 5 members. Operations of the Aerostat in flight should be possible by one person, with the ability to track & manually designate manoeuvring targets for higher track update rates and higher Azimuth, Range Elevation and Doppler accuracies. At least four Operator Work Stations (OWS) are to be provided by competing vendors for conduct of operations. All OWS must be capable of being configured either for radar operation or maintenance. Multi coloured display for presenting and updating Air Situation Picture with all tracks parameters and associated features like maps, locations, picture in picture etc, with user defined Graphical User Interface (GUI) are to be provided, and the system should have minimum 1000 hours of synchronised recording & replaying facilities of the air picture and R/T. System should be able to store the data on external storage device. The recorded data format should be able to replay on any PC and Laptop. The system should have provision of library and archiving tool for retrieving the recorded data.