SP's Aviation - ISSUE No 1-2016

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Issue Features

    'New Policy Awaiting Cabinet NOD'

    Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief of SP’s Aviation (accompanied by Neetu Dhulia) had an exclusive rendezvous with the Union Minister of Civil Aviation, P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju during the second half of January this year.

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    Basic Flying Training in Transition

    The IAF has opted to employ the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II for both Stage I and II adopting a radically new pattern with two aircraft types for three-stage training.

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    Finalise the Rafale Contract

    Delay in conclusion of the contract for Rafale jets lead to delay in the delivery schedule of the aircraft which in turn will aggravate problems for the IAF.

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    Kamov Ka-226T for India

    The news of the Ka-226T deal is heartening as the requirement of helicopters of the three services is growing as has been the clamour for replacements of existing fleets.

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    'Right capacity or slight over capacity, but not over capacity is the solution for India'

    Dinesh Keskar, Senior Vice President of Boeing (Asia-Pacific & South Asia)

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    2016 to Focus on Safety, Profitability, New Roll-Out

    IATA has forecast that airlines are expected to collectively generate $36.3 billion in profits and return their cost of capital in 2016...

    Potential as Global Manufacturing & MRO Hub

    Leaving its turbulent past behind, India’s civil aviation industry is standing at the threshold of transformation today. Airliness which had been bleeding for the past few consecutive quarters turned...

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    Making the Right Choice

    The regional airlines have to pick the right aircraft according to their business model and they have fairly decent options available from both turboprop and regional jet players such as ATR, Bombardier...

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    Paradox of Crew Shortage

    Worldwide, it is estimated that the regional carriers alone employ over 18,000 pilots and many a time they (regional carriers) are the primary source of candidates for pilot jobs at the mainline carriers

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    Hall of Fame
    Tony Jannus (1889-1916)

    The world’s first scheduled passenger airline service was the St Petersburg–Tampa Airboat Line that operated between these two cities

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    Saras Headed For Project Cancellation?

    Six years after a fatal crash of the second prototype aircraft, the Saras light civil aircraft programme could be headed for closure if sources are to be believed.

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    Army Gets Taste of Airbus A400M

    The Indian Army is getting its first taste of the Airbus A400M multirole transport aircraft at Jaisalmer air force base, with the French Army contingent for Exercise Shakti 2016 arriving in one of type.

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    Stealthy Push For Non-Stealth Drones At DRDO

    With DRDO's Rustom-II MALE UAV still to take to the air, work is currently gathering pace to provide the platform with greater low-observability features.

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    IAF Scouts 8 More Medium Altitude Aerostats

    The IAF has expressed interest in 4-8 new medium altitude surveillance/early warning aerostats on a fast track basis. The IAF wants static, mobile or portable systems deployable at altitudes of about 15,000 feet, stipulating that the mooring system...

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    Russia Pushes Skat UCAV to India

    While there was plenty on the table when PM Modi visited Russia recently, a prestigious but little spoken of programme is back on the table in earnest. After BAE Systems, EADS, Saab and Dassault, the latest contractor now apparently ready to cooperate with India...

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    DRDO Reminds Govt About Snow Studies Aircraft Requirement

    The DRDO has applied afresh to the government for an urgent requirement of a specialised aircraft to undertake survey missions and data gathering in high altitude snowed out areas.

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    New Assault Rifle Push For IAF Garud Squads

    The Indian Air Force is learnt to have pegged up interest in its three-year hunt for new assault rifles for its special units (Garud), that should be compact, foldable, easy to carry, handle, operate, simple to maintain and with high range.