SP's Aviation - ISSUE No 8-2015

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Issue Features

    Galloping Ahead in Regional Aviation

    In a candid interview, Paulo Cesar Silva, President and CEO, Embraer Commercial, speaks to Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief, SP’s Aviation on the company’s plans to forge ahead.

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    VIEWPOINT | IndiGo
    Mammoth Order for Airbus A320 by IndiGo

    IndiGo Airlines has always enjoyed a cherished relationship with Airbus and stands out for large orders for airliners with the original equipment manufacturer

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    Debuts, Finally

    Grant of initial operational clearance has definitely flagged a major milestone for the F-35 programme as it has been declared technically ready for operational deployment

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    SPACE | SpaceX Falcon 9
    Failure of SpaceX Falcon 9

    The catastrophic failure of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on launch is a reminder that spaceflight is an incredible challenge

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    MILITARY | Exercise Indradhanush
    Need Pure Professionalism

    The unwarranted public statement by the IAF team leader was not only inelegant, irrelevant and politically inappropriate...

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    CIVIL | Airlines
    Highs & Lows of India's Airlines

    The first half of 2015 shows towering performance by IndiGo that carried 145.80 lakh passengers from January to June, registering a leading market share of 37.5 per cent

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    CIVIL | Environment
    Virgin's Exemplary Carbon Footprint Record

    Aviation is a catalyst for growth, a vital conduit for world trade and a major global employer.

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    BUSINESS AVIATION | Special Missions
    Doubling Up

    Special missions operations is a niche market and business aircraft manufacturers are increasing focus on this segment as the user agencies are seeing the benefits of configured business aircraft

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    Challenges for Latin American Aviation

    The 12th edition of the Latin American Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (LABACE) which was held in São Paulo, Brazil...

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    Hall of Fame
    William Powell Lear (1902-78)

    Lear was admired for his creativity and inventiveness. He never shrank from business challenges even if there were possibilities of failure.

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    A Word from Editor-in-Chief

    While the large order for [Airbus] aircraft indicates IndiGo’s plans for expansion, it is also a signal that the prospects of growth of the Indian airline industry are bright

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    Last Word
    HAL - An Asset or a Liability?

    Unless issues related to quality standards are addressed seriously by HAL, an asset created by the Indian Government with humongous investment will turn into a liability.